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    2 Lakhs Textile Engineers will be Shortage in Textile Sector

    Position of Bangladesh is next to China considering garments export in the world market. Recently China is planning to withdraw their business from this sector. So Bangladesh has a pretty good chance to earn the leadership in this sector. For this we need skilled engineers. But there is a lacking of 1 lakh 11 thousand engineers in this sector right now and it will raise 1 lakh 89 thousand in 2020-2021 economic years. A joint research of Bangladesh University Of Textiles and ministry of Textiles and Jute have recently provided this statistics.
    Students in knitting lab
    Students in knitting lab
    Aiming at the demand in the competitive world market, our textile industries are developing and it will accelerate accordingly. Skilled textile engineers are badly needed in these new industries to maintain a smooth technically advanced production process. But since there is a huge lacking of skilled engineers, we cannot help hiring foreign engineers.

    Textile engineers are mostly needed in floor, mid and management level. Shortage of textile engineers will raise from 1 lakh 11 thousand to 1 lakh 26 thousands in 2015-16 and it will be 1 lakh 40 thousand in the next economic year. The figure will be 1 lakh 51 thousands in 2017-18, which will eventually become 1 lakh 89 thousands in 2020-21.

    Engineer shortage is more acute in floor level but, only we could provide 34 thousands 750 engineers against the demand of 1 lakh 89 thousand at this level and only 46 thousands against 72 thousands in mid and executive level in 2020-21.So this could be a smart choice for the young generations to develop career.

    Vice chancellor of Bangladesh University Of Textiles Prof. Engr. Masud Ahmed has said Textile Tribune that,” textile sector can be a great opportunity to convert our people in skilled manpower. One can develop career and also become entrepreneur in this sector. Due to shortage of educational institute we cannot supply sufficient engineers’, he added.

    Government has taken some steps to meet the shortage of engineers in this sector. A project of establishing seven textile engineering institute and two textile engineering college is awaiting to be approved. Jamalpur and Vola textile institute project has already been granted.

    Acting secretary of ministry of textiles and jute, Farid Uddin Ahammed Chowdhury has said that, four old textile engineering institute will be upgraded to college and to create job for our unemployed young generation one textile institute is planned to be established in every district.

    Organizing secretary of Association of Textile Engineers and Technologist (ATET) Abu Taleb Chowdhury, has said that, textile engineers can develop career in various sectors as plant manager, designer, development engineer, production engineer, quality assurance, merchandiser etc. Increase of Standard facilities for the engineers can attract more brilliant young stars in this sector.

    Reported by-
    Tanvir Hossain
    Reporter of Textile Tribune
    Shahid Aziz Hall
    Bangladesh University of Textiles.
    Email: tanviranikbutex@gmail.com
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